Just wanna share my thoughts

Passion. The only reason why I am writing this blog. Essentially, I just want to share my thoughts and impressions on audio related products and how much it changes my life overall. I still remember when I bought my first full size headphone, Audio Technica M50X, it was the best moment in my life. It was the first time I had listened to a high fidelity headphones and since then I decided to become an audiophile. At least I try to be one. For that purpose, I bought beyerdynamic DT990 and Fiio e17k after couple months of owning the M50X and suprisingly, I hate it but I tell myself it’s an amazing pair to justify the total amount I spent LOL. Since then, I keep searching for an end game setup and slowly climbing the HiFi world. Now, at 24 years old, I know there will be years to come and the story continues…

2 thoughts on “Just wanna share my thoughts

  1. StevenM

    Hi Ahmad,

    I saw a post of yours on headfi and ended up reading through your blog posts as well. You’re doing a great job and I hope you keep up with posting regularly. It’s fun to see your perspective!


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