Zynsonix Trebuchet Cable

In Brief
I am one of those guys who never believe that cable improves headphone sounds at all until I decided to pull a trigger to recable my T90. Personally, I love the T90 sound signature but I felt like something is missing. Since I have balanced setup, I decided to recable my T90 for balanced termination and stumbled upon Zynsonix. Honestly, I don’t see many option available on the internet to recable my T90 (even though I know there are many others that do recable mod but I just can’t find them at that time). I contacted Bryan and asked couple questions. He is a great guy and easy to reach and communicate. The entire process took almost a month from the time I shipped the headphone and getting it back. It’s not bad at all!

Disclaimer: I always set a 100 hour burn in for any of my audio setup. Nope! I have no scientific reason in doing so but I just felt like doing it.

First Impression
Like I said, I never thought a better cable would significantly improves the sound quality in any headphone but I do curious on how would it changes.  Although, I do believe that I might get a cleaner sound with better material. After the package arrived, I immediately opened the box. As I pull the headphone out of the case, the first thing that comes in my mind is “this is stunning”. I really love the build quality. The connector is well-built and the termination is carefully made. Honestly, there’s not much to say on this but this shows that Bryan knows what he’s doing and expert in his field. What more to this is the sound itself!


O – 50 hours burn in:

Smoother treble, better soundstage and tighter bass. That was my first impression of few hours listening time after bringing it out of the box. I am not saying that this famous hot can lose its treble and highs; it is still there but not as pierces as how it used to be. One thing that I notice improves quite significant is the soundstage. Now, the soundstage is amazing! Even better than before. This really hooks me up to believe that great cable will definitely improves the headphone.  The bass is noticeable tighter as I play several songs from: Julia Michaels, Lorde, Imagine Dragons and One OK Rock. I thought everything sounds wonderful coming from the already amazing T90.

50 – 100 hours burn in:
well, I guess this is interesting. I used to equalize the T90 to tame the highs a little bit;

I try to turn the equalizer on and off every now and then to see any changes it makes after hours of burn in. Around 70 hours of listening, I turned off the equalizer and noticed that the treble is even smoother as compare to the last time I turned it off; warmer but still forward sounding with a better soundstage. At this point, I would say this the T90 that I was hoping for when I first bought the can. It comes closer to my HD800 now.

Well, that’s not much to say but Bryan at Zynsonix did an amazing job and will definitely go to him again in the future.

P/s: I hear what I hear. period 😀


2 thoughts on “Zynsonix Trebuchet Cable

  1. Hi there Ahmad, I just saw this and wanted to say “thanks so much” for the great write up! I’m glad things are sounding excellent after the burn-in period. While I love Beyerdynamic headphones, and have for many years, the bright high-end is a bit of a turn off as it can be fatiguing over time. Simply replacing the cable with a higher quality one works wonders in smoothing out the peaky upper-midrange and making things more balanced. This is true across nearly all Beyers I’ve tried.

    Keep up the great work on the blog! 🙂


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