Impact Audio Cable Custom Infinity Series for HD800

This is supposed to be an old post but I decided to post it here for a shout out to Lindsay from Impact Audio Cable. Noted that, both my Matrix X-Sabre and Cavalli Liquid Carbon were sold long ago.  

In Brief
Continue searching for a great and affordable cable made me choose Impact Audio Cable. I don’t have many experience in cable swap but this opens the window to more in the future. HD650 was my first experience and I only used ZY HiFi balanced cable and it does makes a difference; although, I am not sure if it’s because of the balanced setup. But hey, it does makes a difference. I hear what I hear. Period. I really love my new balanced setup with hd650 and ended up decided to get myself a sidegrade, HD800. As I browsed through the internet, I have read lots of praised for Lindsay’s work and the incredible sound it produces. Thus, I decided to get myself on his artwork. The whole process took less than a month and it’s totally worth it. Why? I’ll explain more on that later.


First Impression
I would have never imagine a better sounding from cable although a better clarity is what I should expect. I bought this cable while having my T90 sent out for balanced recable; I really want to see if these two cables do have effect the change in sound at all. After a month passed by, the package arrived; like a child getting his Christmas present, I opened it immediately. There’s not much in the box, the cable and a letter of consent on using the cable. I plugged the cable to my HD800 and put them into listening. The first word that comes out of my mouth was “INCREDIBLE”. I guess it does make a difference with balance and unbalance setup through liquid carbon. I know balanced will give double the power than single ended and maybe that extra volume creates a sense of a better sound. Well, I never know really. I decided to get an eight feet cable so that its long enough for me to sit in my listening couch. The thing that makes Impact Audio Cable interesting is the price for 3 ft to 8 ft is the same. That could be the biggest pushing factor for me.
Disclaimer: I always set a 100 hour burn in for any of my audio setup. Nope! I have no scientific reason in doing so but I just felt like doing it.
O – 50 hours burn in:

The first few hours listening is amazing. I hear the sweet timbre comes guitar strings and piano that I thought a little harsh with stock cable. Noted that my HD800 is SDR modded, the 6k peak is already taken care of but some song can still sound harsh at times. I guess balanced out from the Liquid Carbon helps with black background and cleaner sound. Impact Audio balanced cable doing an excellent job in delivering a clean sound from the system. I do realize that the bass is a tad tighter and the soundstage is somehow closer, not much but it does make a slight difference. With the stock cable, the guitar and drum timbre from “wish you were here” by Pink Floyd sounds a bit far. I am a HD650 fan, I am not gonna say that it’s that close because the HD650 sometimes feel congested; with this cable, the HD800 produce just about the right soundstage. I can’t hear any difference from the mids but better clarity is how I should put it. It brings a better sense in the music and more engaging I would say.
51-100 hours burn in:
After 100 hours burn in, everything remains. The sound quality does not change and the only things that comes to mind is, either it does not require numbers of hours for burn in or the burn in process has already done by Lindsay himself. Although, I think it would be the former than latter.


Amazing cable for its price and there’s not much to say for Lindsay’s fantastic work. I have been into DIY cable lately and I can definitely appreciate this quality. If any of you looking for a great price over performance ratio, Impact Audio Cable is a place to go!

I hear what I hear. Period.


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