Sennheiser HD800 SDR mod (Impact Audio balanced 4 pin xlr cable)
Sennheiser HD6XX Irreversible mod (ZY HiFi copper balanced 4 pin xlr)
Beyerdynamic T90 Chrome edition Foam and Earpad Mod (Zynxsonic Trebuchet balanced 4 pin xlr recable)
Takstar Pro 82 (Foam and elevated pad mod)

Hifiman HE-350 with Brainwavs angled pad (Used for modding experiment)
Jabra Move (bluetooth malfunction)
Beyerdynamic dtx 350 (broken cup)

Focal Elear (Loaned)
Audeze LCD 2 (Pre-Fazor) + Alo Audio Cable Balanced 4 pin XLR (sold)
Fostex TH-900 (sold)
Beyerdynamic dt990 (sold)
Audio Technica ATH-M50X (gave it to friend)
Photive BTH3 (lost)
Jabra Revo (gave to sister)
Ausdom AH2 (gave to friend)

Westone 30
AAW Nebula One
KZ-ZS6 + JVC Spiral dot
KZ-ZSR + JVC Spiral dot
Fiio F1
Hifiman Re-00
UiiSii CM5
UiiSii HM7

MEE M9 Classic (gave them to friend)
Thinksound ts02 (left side dead)

Soundpeats QY7 Bluetooth earphones
VE Monk+ Espresso edition


Emotiva BasX A-100
Creative X-Fi sound blaster
Aune B1 2017 edition
Marantz 8005 (Loan)

Reviewed unit:
iDSD Micro BL
iDSD Nano BL
Aune B1s

Cavalli Liquid Carbon (sold)
Chord Mojo (sold)
Schiit Valhalla 2 (sold)
Schiit Magni 3 (sold)
FiiO K5 (sold)
Xduoo Xd-05 (sold)
Matrix M-Stage Hpa-1 (sold)


Holo Spring Level 3 Kitsune Edition
Pioneer XDP-100r
Colorfly C3
Sony NWZ-B183F
iPad 2
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
Tidal Master
Spotify Premium (+equalify)

Chord Mojo (sold)
Matrix X-sabre (sold)
Schiit Bifrost 4490 (sold)
FiiO E17K (sold)
Xduoo Xd-05 (sold)

Cable inventory

Impact Audio balanced 4 pin xlr cable
ZY HiFi copper balanced 4 pin XLR
Zynxsonic Trebuchet balanced 4 pin xlr cable
WireWorld UltraViolet 5.2 HDMI Cable
IHWIH Snake Cable BL
lots of great third party cables to mention (most of them from China)

Alo Audio Green Line with 1/4 inch and balanced 4 pin adapter (Sold)

Other Audio related component

1 Accuphase 40th anniversary edition 110V Power Cable Cord
2 BLE Design 10mm Hi-End 5N OFC 110V Power Cable Cord -3Ft
1 HiFi Rhodium Plated Power Cable Cord (220V)

Singxer SU-1
Schiit SYS
Schiit Loki mini (sold)
Schiit Wyrd (Sold)
Schiit Wyrd black (painted) (Sold)


Wharfedale Diamond 220
Bose Soundlink Color